Wizards of Transparency

Read the full article in Seattle Business, September 2011.

Tucked away in a Pioneer Square building, some of the human machinery of the U.S. government’s transparency program hums along, sharing a treasure trove of data with consumers. Providing this service is Socrata Inc., a 4-year-old Seattle startup with just 20 employees.

Website helps patients with type II diabetes find clinical trials

Read the full article in Seattle/LocalHealthGuide, Nov. 7, 2010.

Seattle entrepreneur Ryan Luce has launched an online matching service, Corengi, that helps patients with type II diabetes find research studies they might want to participate in.

Think of it as a “dating” service for researchers and patients.

Acceptance key for children with disabilities

Read the full article in ParentMap, March 1, 2010.

For most people, the circle is a symbol of belonging, of connections and clasped hands. For families whose children often don’t fit in, however, circles can look more like fences. Any line leaves someone in and someone out. In this story, families share their view from the outside of some of those circles and the inside of others. They explain the birthday parties that don’t happen because it is too painful to throw a party and have only one or two guests. They tell how weary they are of the grocery store question, “What is wrong with your baby?”