Pediatrician sees pain of pandemic + racism in children at clinic

For pediatrician Ben Danielson, a doctor at the Odessa Brown Children’s Clinic in Seattle’s Central District for 21 years, everything has changed.  The adorable toddlers he sees there in a brightly-painted room, can only see the top of his face — just his eyes and eyebrows. They see him gowned and masked. … Continue reading Pediatrician Ben Danielson Sees Stress in Children Visiting Odessa Brown Clinic, but He Still Sees Cause for Hope →

Finding Mindfulness: The Path to Parenting in the Present

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Everybody’s idea of calm is a little different. Perhaps yours looks like a peaceful vista of trees or sounds like a lovely, serene melody. Maybe you find that calm is a distant memory in a life full of lists and destinations.

Redesigning Grandparenting – ‘Grandboomers’ relish new role

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She gave up her navy blue power suit to change diapers, but this marketing vice president isn’t a new mother. She is a grandmother, rediscovering some of the elastic sense of time that young children seem to live in.