Preparing your teen for college – and beyond

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From the time a baby enters the world, parents have high hopes for their new arrival.¬†Planning for college¬†often begins early, with the first dollars deposited into a college savings account, and accelerates with every decision — from preschool French lessons to high school AP classes.

Desperately seeking Stanford…or Santa Clara or NYU

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Lakeside counselor Bruce Bailey has seen plenty of nervous college-bound students over his years at this prestigious private school. But he has a special name for the increasing panic tightening its grip with every passing year: the anxiety industry.

One dad’s crusade: Know signs of postpartum depression

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When you walk in to the recently opened Greek restaurant, Vios, on Capitol Hill, every detail welcomes families. There’s a giant children’s play area, complete with sturdy refrigerator and range and plastic food. Large black-and-white photographs of children and parents decorate an apple-green wall.