Small words = big ideas

Explaining science is a tricky business. You have to use the right words to be accurate, and you have to assume that your audience may never have heard those words. Recently, I was invited by the nonprofit Science on Tap to talk about simplifying language for an audience at the Pub at Third Place in … Continue reading Small words = big ideas

Shallow dive in Seattle big data projects

Seattle has a rich resource of both data-driven research projects and scientists who enjoy designing tools that mine data. I was asked to talk about that big data heritage here in Seattle as part of a meeting of the Northwest Science Writers Association. Consider this blog post a cheat sheet for those of you who … Continue reading Shallow dive in Seattle big data projects

Sharing my microbial fingerprints

Any day  now, I’m going to get lab results I’ve been waiting months to know. They will tell me something about my deep insides.  These will be maps of  thousands and thousands of microbes that live inside my gut and in my house. But just like some ancient relics pulled from tombs of lost civilizations, … Continue reading Sharing my microbial fingerprints