Learning to share big data

A UW effort aims to help scientists make better use of the vast amounts of information being collected. The full story was published in Seattle Business Magazine. read it here. The University of Washington has launched a new project that could dramatically increase the power of academic research by giving a broad universe of scientists … Continue reading Learning to share big data

“The Sequence” portrays genomic explosion

It isn’t the fault of the playwright Paul Mullin that his wonderful play, “The Sequence” promises a brilliant future. The voices sound rapturous, but a bit hollow, decades after those promises. The actors who did a professional reading on Oct.5 will repeat that on Oct. 12 and Oct. 13 at the Bathhouse Theater, in cooperation … Continue reading “The Sequence” portrays genomic explosion

$1.7 million to open science’s Friend

Two honors this summer have burnished the reputation of Seattle scientist Stephen Friend for his pursuit of what is called open science.  On top of White House honors in June, he received a grant last week that adds to his credibility as someone trying to change the culture. The phrase “open science” has dozens of … Continue reading $1.7 million to open science’s Friend