Lessons from #CancerFilm on “second screen”

For three nights this Spring, an unusual set of fireworks exploded across the social media landscape with implications for public discussions of health, particularly for health care professionals whose work includes crafting messages for patients. An estimated 746 doctors joined in a twitter chat with the hashtag #cancerfilm in an extended conversation with more than … Continue reading Lessons from #CancerFilm on “second screen”

Unprecedented conversation on cancer film

People are talking about the cancer film, “Emperor of Maladies,” produced by Ken Burns for the Public Broadcasting System, PBS. The three part series began Monday and ends tonight. What won’t end right away, however, is the talking about the film – especially the social media “talking” that marketing consultant Audun Utengen called “unprecedented.” Will … Continue reading Unprecedented conversation on cancer film

Juno sharpens Seattle “immune” focus

 Photo by Bo Jungmayer/Used with permission by FHCRC. People in Seattle are going to be reading a lot more about t-cells as the roll-out continues for Juno Therapeutics, one of the biggest launches of a new biotech company in history. Juno aims to harness the body’s own immune system cells, known as t-cells, to fight … Continue reading Juno sharpens Seattle “immune” focus