Tiny invisible bosses

“We are bulky ornaments on life’s skin, riding the surface, only dimly aware of the microscopic multitudes that make up the rest of the body,” From the book, The Forest Unseen, by David Haskell. Sometimes the scale of things makes all the difference. My microbes are invisible to my eyes, but increasingly important to how … Continue reading Tiny invisible bosses

Shallow dive in Seattle big data projects

Seattle has a rich resource of both data-driven research projects and scientists who enjoy designing tools that mine data. I was asked to talk about that big data heritage here in Seattle as part of a meeting of the Northwest Science Writers Association. Consider this blog post a cheat sheet for those of you who … Continue reading Shallow dive in Seattle big data projects

Learning to share big data

A UW effort aims to help scientists make better use of the vast amounts of information being collected. The full story was published in Seattle Business Magazine. read it here. The University of Washington has launched a new project that could dramatically increase the power of academic research by giving a broad universe of scientists … Continue reading Learning to share big data