Small words = big ideas

Explaining science is a tricky business. You have to use the right words to be accurate, and you have to assume that your audience may never have heard those words. Recently, I was invited by the nonprofit Science on Tap to talk about simplifying language for an audience at the Pub at Third Place in … Continue reading Small words = big ideas

Read “The Forest Unseen”

The book, “The Forest Unseen,” is seductive and delightful. Every one of the short chapters takes you on a journey from an overview down to a microscopic and then sometimes genetic level of an organism. All of this is part of the author’s visits to a small section of a forest in the Southeastern United … Continue reading Read “The Forest Unseen”

Shallow dive in Seattle big data projects

Seattle has a rich resource of both data-driven research projects and scientists who enjoy designing tools that mine data. I was asked to talk about that big data heritage here in Seattle as part of a meeting of the Northwest Science Writers Association. Consider this blog post a cheat sheet for those of you who … Continue reading Shallow dive in Seattle big data projects