Zoo inside you

This book lights a rare sort of fire. Prepare for ideas that catch and flame and race.  You will focus and refocus on the surprises that Ed Yong keeps bringing on page after page of “I contain multitudes.” He’s playing with your sense of scale and identity. You’ve heard of the microbiome, the one in … Continue reading Zoo inside you

“Big Chicken” book raises big problems

Factory farming, whether raising chicken or cattle or even fish, turns out to have unintended consequences. Author Maryn McKenna will talk about these consequences and her book, “Big Chicken,” at 7:30 p.m., Jan. 23 at the ImpactHub in Seattle. She’s likely to touch on the fish farm controversies of the Northwest, because cramming salmon into … Continue reading “Big Chicken” book raises big problems

Most Influential: Rick Horwitz of Allen Cell Institute

He left comfortable tenure at the University of Virginia about two years ago to lead the brand-new nonprofit Allen Institute for Cell Science here in Seattle—and he’s wasted no time. In April, Rick Horwitz, Ph.D., and his team opened the Allen Cell Explorer, a free scientific resource, accessible to anyone in the world, that has … Continue reading Most Influential: Rick Horwitz of Allen Cell Institute